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  • BA-ZAC-4 Tibetan Mastiff 4th Generation Hovel

BA-ZAC-4 Tibetan Mastiff 4th Generation Hovel

16-pierce Suit; Package size; Dimensions: L240*W180*H90mm; Weight: 1.7kg

Product Description

(1) Product specification

16-pierce Suit

Package size

Dimensions: L240*W180*H90mm

Weight: 1.7kg

(2) Technical parameters

[Self-defense] A shovel in the car scares the danger out of your way, and can protect you from the beasts in the wildness;

[shovel] Used to shovel the soil to release the tires of the car;

[knife] Cut trees outdoors to put up a shed, cut trees blocking the road, chop vegetables for a picnic, fight against beasts and serpents;

[saw] Saw wood outdoors to build a shed;

[hoe] Dig waterways when put up a tent outdoors, dig wild vegetables and beast holes outdoors;

[hammer] Pound iron nails,  tent nails and other things;

[snip] Cut the iron wire;

[Bottle opener] Open the beer, the tin and other things;

[SCREWDRIVER] Screwdriver function;

[Flashlight] Floodlighting, outdoor adventure, check the car tire, chassis etc. Strong magnetism in the end, and attached to the iron easily; 

[Working light] Lighting while repairing the car, and hanging in the tent for reading and writing.