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  • BA-ZAC-5 Tibetan Mastiff 5th-Generation Shovel

BA-ZAC-5 Tibetan Mastiff 5th-Generation Shovel

18-pierce Suit; Package size; Dimensions: L330*W170*H120mm; Weight: 2.4kg

Product Description

(1) Product specification

18-pierce Suit

Package size

Dimensions: L330*W170*H120mm

Weight: 2.4kg


(2) Technical parameters

[Flashlight] Bright light, low light, strobe and SOS – four grade; Caution, help, and lighting; Red and white – two colors. 

[Two-in-one convertor used at home and in the car] for flashlight charging. 

[shovel] Used to shovel the soil to release the tires of the car; 

[knife] Cut trees outdoors to put up a shed, cut trees blocking the road, chop vegetables for a picnic, fight against beasts and serpents; 

[saw] Saw wood outdoors to build a shed; 

[hoe] Dig waterways when put up a tent outdoors, dig wild vegetables and beast holes outdoors; 

[hammer] Pound iron nails,  tent nails and other things; 

[snip] Cut the iron wire; 

[Bottle opener] Open the beer, the tin and other things; 

[SCREWDRIVER] Screwdriver function; 

[Tourniquet] Emergency treatment for traumatic bleeding. 

[Magnesium stick] Make a fire outdoors. 

[Raptor convertor] Used to charge mobile phones. 

[Life-saving hammer] Hit a window to escape. 

[Ice-axe] A walking-stick when climbing uphill or going downhill, and an extending of people's bodies. 

[Storage tube] Store small things. 

[Rulers] For measurement.