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  • BA-JQR-QXZC Omnidirectional Mobile Detecting Robot

BA-JQR-QXZC Omnidirectional Mobile Detecting Robot

Dimensions: 364*364*100mm

Product Description

(1) Product specification

Dimensions: 364*364*100mm


(2) Technical parameters

Body Parameters

1) ★ Detection Type: CO2\ CH4\ CO\ H2S\ Humidity\ Temperature\  image frequency

2) ★ Gas Measurement


CH4: 0-4%VOL

CO: 0-1000ppm

H2S: 0-100ppm

3) ★ Temperature, Humidity

Temperature -20-100℃

Humidity 0-100%RH Weight: ≤6.1KG

4) Power supply for the system: 24v

5) Working time: ≥2h

6) Power Display: Yes

7) Lighting System: LED×6 Bright Lights

8) Working temperature: -15~+50℃

9) Movement velocity: Any Direction≥0.8m/s, stepless speed regulation with rotation speed of 60°/s

10) PTZ Pitch: 0°~+90°

11) PTZ Speed: 60°/s

12) Obstacle Crossing Ability: The Height of Minor Surface Ups and Downs ≤15mm

13) Gradeability: The Degree of Gentle Slope Road≤25°

14) Relative humidity: 0~95%

15) Camera Pixel: 10 million

16) Lens: Not Less Than 140°wide angle lens.