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  • BA-JQR-ZC Fire Detection Robot
  • BA-JQR-ZC Fire Detection Robot

BA-JQR-ZC Fire Detection Robot

★ Dimensions: Length 860×width 700×height 625mm; Weight: ≤120KG

Product Description

(1) Product specification

★ Dimensions: Length 860×width 700×height 625mm

  Weight: ≤120KG


(2) Technical parameters

★ Structural mode: Using front-and-back 4-swing arms, track and metal tire structure to improve the forward speed and obstacle crossing abilities in a maximum effective way, at the same time, metal tires can endure high temperature, be suitable for firefighting work under high temperature in fire area.

★ Equipped with 360°panoramic imaging system, 360°monitoring without dead ends, using the panorama software to splice the video from 4 channels to be a panoramic one, easy for the operator to control the robot


   Tire Diameter: 250mm

   Gradeability: ≥30°

   Stairs-Climbing Ability: ≥30°

   Obstacle Crossing Height: 250mm

   Maximum speed: ≥1.2m/s

   Turning Radius: Spin Around