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  • BA-MHT-001 Fire Blankets

BA-MHT-001 Fire Blankets

MJT 1m*1m、1.5m*1.5m; Thickness: 0.43mm

Product Description

(1) Product specification

MJT 1m*1m、1.5m*1.5m           

Thickness: 0.43mm


(2) Technical parameters

Material: Super-alkali-free fine sand glass fiber  

Processing mode: Nanomaterials Processing  

Burning Performance Rating: A1 Level Fire-proof Temperature: 650℃  

Weight: 430g/㎡ 

Breaking Strength (Warp Direction): 3735N;

(Weft Direction): 2186N Insulation Resistance: 133 Megohm    

Operational Performance (deployment time): 4S   

Hand-held tape flame resistance performance: Flame Resistance     

Sewing Thread High Temperature Resistance Performance: 285℃ Continued Burning Time: <3S     

Fire extinguishing performance time test: <10S (Fire extinguishing time under conditions of 60cm diameter oil pan and 2L&0# diesel)  

The Comfortable Capability of the Blanket Surface: Smooth and silky of A1 level (Does not cause the itchy skin, does not prick the hand, no small thorns, and no broken fibers)

Environmental performance: No smell, no discoloration

Appearance Performance: High-end Packaging

Piping: Double-layer sewing, Flame retardant materials, Metal angle bead